We sometimes get the feeling that, in resistant places, no one is seeking Jesus, or even asking questions that can lead to a conversation about the gospel. However, some say* that in any given group of people, at any time, there are about 2.5% of the people who are open to consider a significant change, e.g. thinking about another religion.  The motivation to change is often rooted in dissatisfaction with the status quo.


“The Lord looks down from heaven on all mankind to see if there are any who understand, any who seek God.” (Psalm 14:2). God is actively looking for those who are seeking Him regardless of who they are, where they live, or what they do. The smallest heart cry for the Lord results in action from Him. Our God is loving and compassionate—not willing that any one person perish in unbelief.





Until recently the above research about the 2.5% was just a theory to me until I saw evidence of it being true. I visited a small Missions Training school which is situated at the base of the second highest mountain in Ghana (Mount GEMI). The climate was cold, the scenery was refreshing but the moments spent with the few students were the most memorable and worthwhile. Upon arrival I soon realised that my original plan of teaching solely on using Media & Technology in Missions would not be possible, so each day I was asking God for wisdom on what to teach. Therefore, I ended up covering topics such as Identity in Christ, The Fathers love, Guilt/Shame/Fear cultures and more. I also used every opportunity to share about using Media and Technology in Missions as much as I could.

During our time together we also talked about the power of stories and shared with each other our testimonies of how we came to faith. One of the Konkomba students had a radical conversion from a fetish priest and idol worshiper to a believer in Christ. His marvelous transformation totally impacted his family which saw his mum and siblings come to Christ. His conversion had both a positive and negative impact on his community. Negative in a sense that many were still expecting him to perform his duties as priest and were thoroughly disappointed that he had changed. He got to know Jesus through one of his English teachers at school who identified him as a person who needed to hear the Gospel. He spoke to him straight and said that the idol in his house needed to go. No one had spoken like that before!

The Konkomba people are roughly just over a million in number and are spread throughout Ghana. Roughly 1/3 of the people group is identified as Christians. For many the pull to traditional, cultural beliefs worldview is very strong and the move towards becoming a strong believer in Christ is not easy.

However, for this young Konkomba man he could be noted as one of the 2.5% who was open to change. Through the obedience of one man of God and the smallest heart cry from another, the Holy Spirit was able to turn the life of a fetish priest completely around. Now four years later this transformed man is at a Missions Training school learning more about the Word of God and being trained to be a Cross Cultural Missionary. The desire in his heart is strong and he wants to return to his own people group to share the Good news of the Gospel. Wow, now that is a great story worth retelling!

Half way through the teaching about using Media and Technology, one young man turned to me and said, “When you first started sharing, I thought I could never do this, I could never learn how to use Media in my Missionary dream”. He paused and then said “But now I believe I can do it and I want to do it, I want to learn.”

Near the end of our 4 days together, I wanted to show practically how media could be used to share their story, so we got busy recording their testimonies in their heart languages via mobile. I could see the life in their eyes and the passion in their voices as they shared about how they came to faith in Christ. Hearing and seeing themselves on the small mobile screen, speaking in their own language, reinforced the importance of using Media and Technology in Missions. The potential of their testimony being shared beyond their reach is now completely possible.

This whole experience at the Missions School was a reminder that we cannot underestimate what we do and who we might impact through our obedience and ministry efforts. Sometimes it seems like no one is listening or engaging but let’s take a moment to consider. What if we are wrong and someone is listening and learning!

* The author of this article is a member of the ACTS13 and Media & Mobiles 4 Ministries in Ghana. 

* Research found on the Media to Movements Website (

* Photos by ACTS13/MM4M