‘Partnering with the Church in Africa in sending cross-cultural workers to make disciples of Christ amongst the unreached in the region and beyond’


‘Our goal is to have well-trained, spirit-filled African cross-cultural workers who will ‘give it all for Jesus’ being sent out to the least reached globally.’

Qualities of the Mission Minded

What is a missions minded person like?Is it easy to answer this question with a set of ABC answers? We know there are some qualities that can be identified in most mission minded people. Foundational qualities such as a heart devoted to God and Worship, a life...

Missional Church

Missional Church Characteristics#1 - All people need to hear the Gospel.#2 - The leadership has a heart for unreached nations.#3 - Growth in the church is not just measured by numbers 'in' but also numbers 'out'.#4 - Messages from the pulpit commonly encourage people...

Antioch’s Mission DNA

Rekindling the zeal for missions in our churches.Antioch was filled with believers who were fully engaged in God’s mission. Its church in the book of Acts is often pointed to as the model for us all, but what was so special about this church, and how is it a model for...

Great Commission – Not a great suggestion

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Potential for Movement

My passion is for training people to use media and technology as a ministry tool in missions. More than eight years ago in a remote Aboriginal community, in the outback of Australia, I sat with an Aboriginal elder using a tablet and a solar power player. Both devices...

There is Hope (Zimbabwe)

There is Hope for Zimbabwe! When someone mentions Zimbabwe, whatever the current headline may be, you will find a brief historical summary on how things ‘used to be’ or what the nation 'used to be like' - the Bread Basket of Africa! Then came the downward spiraling of...

What is ACTS13

ARTICLE What is ACTS13?Now is the time for Africa! The tide has turned and the African church  is saying: ‘We must go and reach the unreached!’ ACTS13 is a ministry of WEC International that exists because of a dramatic change. This change is seen in the reality that...

It’s time for Action

ARTICLE: It’s time for Action!The church is great at talking, as in a sense we have polished our words and learnt the correct things to say. The Spirit of God gives us the wisdom to speak but sometimes we just talk too much and never action what we say. In a missions...

The 2.5%

ARTICLE: THE 2.5% We sometimes get the feeling that, in resistant places, no one is seeking Jesus, or even asking questions that can lead to a conversation about the gospel. However, some say* that in any given group of people, at any time, there are about 2.5% of the...

Ready to go!

ARTICLE: Are you Ready to go!There is a time and season for everything. A time to be born, a time to grow, a time to learn, a time to experience, a time to receive, a time to love, a time to give and a time to die! Being ‘Ready’ to serve the Lord and carry out his...

WEC International has always been a pioneer mission – sharing Jesus across cultural barriers where he’s least known.

WEC International takes the good news to the peoples and nations who have yet to hear it: the good news that Christ came to bring forgiveness of sins and peace with God, and to displace hatred with love.

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