Role of the Church

As a mission agency we use our experience and expertise to help both individuals and Churches to find their roles in God’s Great Commission. This is done through connecting, coaching, training and facilitating.

ACTS 13 is committed to assist and work alongside the local Churches in sending out cross-cultural workers to reach the unreached. Church plays a major role in the whole process and not only at the end when the missionary is ready to leave.

The role of the church is many fold:


  • Assuring that the candidate understands the inner workings of the Church, learns to be accountable to Church leadership and serves effectively within the Church.
  • Working closely with WEC in identifying, screening and preparing the candidate for service.


  • Commissioning the new workers on leaving and recommissioning them following home leave and their return to the field.


  • Committing to help support the worker financially
  • Educating the congregation as to their responsibility to support the worker through prayer, encouragement and giving
  • Developing a support team within the Church to ‘champion’ the worker and their ministry
  • Providing opportunities for members by (if appropriate) promoting a visit to the field, either by short-term teams or a pastoral visit
  • Communicating with their worker about Church news and prayer
  • Seeking to help them with family matters such as their children being away from home or their aging parents
  • Being actively involved in the debriefing of the worker and their accountability during home assignment
  • Being ready to work with WEC and the worker if problems arise on the field.

    NOTE: ACTS 13 is open to working with a Church and/or Denomination in sending out Cross Cultural Teams to begin a pioneering work among an Unreached People Group

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