What is ACTS13?

Now is the time for Africa! The tide has turned and the African church  is saying: ‘We must go and reach the unreached!’

ACTS13 is a ministry of WEC International that exists because of a dramatic change. This change is seen in the reality that now Asia, Latin America and Africa are taking the lead in mobilising the missionary workforce. A new era is already here and missionaries from the African continent have begun to arise and take hold of the mandate to surrender their lives for the sake of the gospel.
The book of acts begins with an amazing promise from the Holy Spirit, that the church will be the witness. The Church will reach the nations! The history of missions therefore is this; ordinary people taking a hold of this promise, acting in faith and surrendering their lives. As a result, the gospel has spread cross-culturally and impacted nearly all corners of the globe, although there is so much yet to be done. As Paul and Barnabas were sent out in obedience and faith for missionary service in the book of Acts, now is the time for the church to prepare to send out faith filled African leaders to reach the unreached – not just in Africa but in the nations beyond.

WEC in Africa has noticed this shift for some time. At the WEC Africa Regional Conference in 2012 many WEC leaders were moved and challenged. The organisation was facing a difficult time with a decrease in new workers joining their teams and branches. However, at the same time it was noticed that the, Lord is growing his church in Africa like never seen before! This reality brought fresh perspective to the challenge the organisation faced. There is so much opportunity to mobilise, train and send a multitude of African workers to the harvest field.

The words of CT Studd, the founder of WEC, were loud and clear! “Only one life, ‘twill soon be past, Only what’s done for Christ will last”. The time and season required that WEC Africa adjust their vision so that what was done for Christ would last!

WEC in Africa remains committed to their three objectives: Evangelism, Church Planting and Mobilisation. However, the main difference after the 2012 gathering was the unified belief that the Lord will help fulfill these objectives as the organisation works hand in hand with the African Churches and organisations. 


‘Partnering with the Church in Africa in sending cross-cultural workers to make disciples of Christ amongst the unreached in the region and beyond.’


‘Our goal is to have well-trained, spirit-filled African cross-cultural workers who will ‘give it all for Jesus’ being sent out to the least reached globally.’


The ACTS13 ministry has currently workers in West Africa, East Africa, South Africa and Europe that have a passion to see the nations reached and believe that through prioritising recruitment and training of African workers the least-reached people groups in the surrounding regions can be reached.
This is done by engaging in MOBILISING, MENTORING and TRAINING.